Friends who you haven't met...

I have been doing this blogging lark for 4 years now.  Four years next month.  Over this time I have made some wonderful connections, mainly on-line, such this is the nature of this blogging thing.  From very early on, I made good friends with Fran (Mrs Eliot Books), knowing we had a similar sense of humour, outlook and creative mind.  I've been lucky to meet this wonderful woman on many occasions, all brief, all too far apart.  

So when Fran suggested meeting a wider circle of blogger friends we all jumped at the chance.  Most of the people in London yesterday I have had many 'conversations' with on-line over the years and much admiration of their work and creativity.  Even so, meeting your peers is everso nerve wracking.  In fact, sitting at the table in the Italian restaurant I whispered to Fran 'I feel a little star struck!'.

There on my table sat witty, talented, creative intelligent women, all nattering away like old friends.  Drinking red wine, laughing at stories, sharing deep secrets and bonding.  It was the best kind of day.

You are all pretty awesome... and let's make a date to meet up in a late Spring.  My patch please!

Yesterday I was with:  Xanthe / Camilla / Fran / Flo / Eloise / Rachel & Jen.  

(these are the only photos I took.  Both on instagram, both in the stunning Persephone Books on Lambs Conduit Street).

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